Saturday, October 22, 2011

Trick or Treat

No tricks, just treats. I made a dozen of these for family and friends and because they are such nice people I just filled them with candy. No worms or spiders for this bunch. The box is the Sizzix Box #3. The coaster are from the MS collection at Joanns. The spiderweb border is also from MS's. Boy she sure has grown in the craft department hasn't she. The top panel was created from the Stampin' Up Square Lattice embossing folder. Below are some individual pictures and if you double click on them you can enlarge the image.

This one I made specially for my son Elliot- hence the skull embellishement. What young guy doesn't love a nice skull. I found those at Michaels and they are from the Jolee's Boutique line. I din't think the in-laws would be too keen on having one on theirs.

I used a set of stamps that creates a belly band for the chocolate nuggets and stamped half in black and half in purple. The sentiment and crow were stamped and punched out with a 1" punch. I just used a glue dot to attach them. Six of them fit just perfectly but I did have to add some paper grass due to the depth of the box.

The DH is already home and his surgery went fine. The surgeon said the mass was starting to invade the brain and was very vascular. Because of the invasion, the surgeon could not take much of the brain tissue without risk of causing some injury. He got what he could but now DH will have to have an MRI in three months. If it looks like it is starting to grow back then he will have a few radiation treatments and that should be it. The mass was not cancerous but when they grow they cause pressure on the brain that creats unwanted side affects.

I shaved his head for him two days before the surgery. It was really weird cutting off what little hair he had left. He sort of liked it and thought maybe he would just keep the look but I reminded him that he was going to have a nasty scar. By the looks of the incision and the 45 staples that starts on the top of his head and makes a big "C" down to just infront of his ear his hair on the sides aren't going to cover it entirely. The incision will still be noticeable up on top of his head. They took the dressings off for him to come home, so now we get a good look at it all day long. You guessed it, Elliot couldn't wait to get a picture of that. He was teasing him and said he could go as a baseball for Halloween. It does resemble the stiching and curve on a baseball.
Well I better go and play nurse for awhile.

~Have fun and enjoy!

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