Friday, March 9, 2012

A pretty lamp

Today I wanted to show you a lamp that is in my stamp studio. I actually have two of them- one is at the die cutting area and the other one is at my Cricut area. These were really cheap bedside/dresser lamps that I got at Walmart a year ago on clearance for $4 each. Of course I couldn't use them just as they were so I had to fancy them up to fit the Paris Chic theme I have going on in the room. They were just plain cream lamps so I added the black braid around the top and bottom with hot glue. The velvet ribbon has a rhinestone buckle and then I added the black rose.

The rhinestone circle really glistens in the light. I wish it would have photographed better so you could appreciate it's bling factor. I just love the soft light they put off. It makes it so cozy in the evenings especially when it is raining.

Have you heard of Pineterest? I am hooked on it, but the images of all the desserts are really putting my diet to the test. I have learned not to go there until after dinner. I was amazed when I saw that someone had pinned my studio as a room on their "dream home" board. Maybe they will like my lamps well enough to pin those also.

My baby who is 22, had his tonsils out this week. I was expecting the worse but he has done wonderful. I think the pain he has been in with all the sore throats since September was much worse than this. The first night he steamed carrots and mashed them up to eat. He isn't one for sweets so he was having a hard time with all the Popsicles, ice cream, jello and pudding. The second night he ate macaroni and cheese and then some meatloaf. When this kid is hungry nothing is going to stop him, not even surgery. I love having him home, even if it is under these circumstances.

~Have fun and enjoy!

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