Thursday, November 24, 2011

Not a Thanksgiving card

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. I know this is a day that we look back and give thanks for all that is good in our life. I am no different than the rest and I have a lot to be thankful for, but I also spend a few moments reflecting back on the things that aren't so good and I remember the lesson that was learned from them. Sometimes it wasn't anything that I had control over and it was just life playing out in front of me. Still there is something I can learn from it, may it be tolerance or just acceptance. I think it helps me to be a better person when I get reality handed to me on a platter. Although I would much rather some turkey and stuffing on that platter.

Today's card was created based on the cutout window. It isn't a Thanksgiving card I had this left over from a piece of scrap paper that I cut a tag out of. Before I tossed it out I noticed how centered the cutout was. Yes my friends, I saved it for future use. The embossing was done using a Paper Studios Flourish Journal embossing folder. These are very inexpensive from Hobby Lobby and they often are 40% off. The stamped image is from a Prima cling mounted set. I has three adorable old fashioned girls in it. If course I added some bling and a nice Prima rosette that I brushed some gold on the edges.

I am cooking the big meal today but it is going to be a challenge not to divulge too much into it. I am up to a total weight loss of 50lbs. with a few more to go. I started this journey last March and I would like to be at my goal by this March. I never felt that it was really hard especially in the beginning. I guess when you set your mind to it, it becomes a part of your life. When I started changing my diet and walking, the weight just fell off. Now it is getting tougher. I only see little changes which is ok. I will still have a little bit of everything, just is smaller portions. I know I could loose it more quickly if I really buckled down but I don't want to be craving certain foods. I want this to be a lifestyle change. So far so good!

The big move is happening this weekend. My new stamp studio is painted and we are starting to move the cabinets and counter tops up. I am exhausted just thinking about moving all the items from my current room. I get up every morning just hoping those elves have done it all for me. No such luck, I guess they must be busy with other things for Santa.

~Have fun and enjoy!

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