Sunday, July 22, 2012

Anna & Lara

I don't know how I did it, but I managed to get some great pictures of my new nieces. They are 8 weeks old and 7 lbs in these pictures. Even though they are newborn size, they are picking up their heads like pros. My sister-n-law decided not to go away to a wedding as planned and she wasn't that crazy about me doing a photo shoot. I didn't get to pose them they way I had envisioned. Mama wasn't going for it and the girls really don't like to be on their tummies. Anna slept through it all, even the headband changes. Lara on the other hand was not having it. She did end up falling asleep for a couple of pictures.

I have to say they are the most precious babies I have seen, and to know what transpired prior to them being here is nothing short of a miracle. Our family is truly blessed. They are so identical that you really can't tell them apart. They are put in different color outfits so they know which is which. For the photo shoot, we had them in the same outfits, so my brother put a big "L" on Lara's diaper so we could tell them apart.

On the drive home every now and then I swore I could smell them. It brought a smile to my face when I thought of them. I don't think my brother and sister-n-law got to hold them hardly at all during the day while we were there. It was so nice to have two of them so we didn't have to fight over holding a baby. Just pure joy in a very tiny package.

~have fun and enjoy!

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  1. Your nieces are so very beautiful! Your photography skills are great!