Sunday, September 8, 2013

Prima paper doll tags

 I just love these paper doll stamps from Prima. I remember playing with paper dolls when I was a child so I think I am enjoying the fact that it is bringing out the kid in me and I don't need an excuse.  A friend let me borrow this stamp and I stamped her on Prima tags and designer paper. I think this stamp is one of my favorites along with one that was just released. The new one has the girl wearing a long dress that can be embellished to look like a wedding dress. Can't wait to get that one.

Take a look below to see the different looks I came up with the one stamp. I lined these tags up on a shelf on my studio for inspiration every time I am in there. They just make me smile. Speaking of my studio, I spent the whole day in there yesterday. It was gloomy and rainy out yesterday and there wasn't anything that needed to be done around the house so it was a good day to create. I bought some of the new Spellbinders and I was in heaven. I will share my creations with you in the next couple of posts. I didn't even get out of my PJs all day yesterday so you know I was in a creativity mode.

To keep the post down I am not going to go into detail what I used on each tag. If there is something that you need information on, just leave a comment I will get back to you.

Looking forward to a day outside. The temps are a bit cooler but the sun is shining and that is all I need. I am however looking forward to fall. I think I sleep better so I am in an overall good mood- most of the time. Hope you all had a wonderful summer so far. Hard to believe it is almost over. Oh well there is nothing we can do to make it last longer, we have to just enjoy it for what it is.
~Have fun and enjoy!

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