Sunday, August 25, 2013

For the Bride and Groom

This has to be one of most last minute cards I have ever made for an any occasion. I almost committed a stamper's cardinal sin by buying a card rather than making one. I had a wedding reception to go to Friday night and I made this card in 30 minutes. I haven't bought a card in over 10 years. This is how I justify all my spending on stamping supplies. I am always mentioning to my husband how much store bought cards are these days.
Thanks to my good friend Carol who let me borrow these two new Spellbinders and part of her idea. The new lattice is a bit different with a fancier edge to it. Hence the name Fancy Lattice. It isn't much of a difference when you look at the die but it sure shows up on a card. The frame is one of Spellbinders 5x7 dies called Elegant Labels 4. I layered the middle die inside the largest one to create the window. The smallest die was used for the image which is actually a tag. I ran a piece of satin black ribbon through it to give some black to the top and bottom of the tag. I had a devil of a time getting all of the pieces out of the frame and I sort of tore some of the delicate pieces in each corner. I wasn't about to toss it out or start over because I didn't have the time. That is where embellishments come in quite handy. I just covered up the mistakes with three glittered half pearls in the corners and added some flowers for a finishing touch. Can you believe that the only bling on this card are the glittered pearls. That is really holding back for me. I did use ivory pearlized card stock which had a shine of it's own. The pearlized papers make such an elegant project. The bride and groom are from the Inkadinkado clear set Wedding/Marriage.

Last weekend was the annual Float Down here on the river. There were thousands of people who took to the water including a 92 year old woman. Her first time was last year at 91. There also was a woman who has stage 4 liver cancer and she wanted to be able to cross this off her bucket list. She is deathly afraid of water and she said her grandchildren were at the side cheering her on. Below is a picture of just some of the floaters. They continued coming around the corner for a full 4 hours. The Coast Guard has to close this river to all boat traffic for safety reasons. This means the freighters coming from Lake Huron are even on hold at this time. There are boats from the Coast Guard and Sheriff to help anyone who needs it or anyone who starts to drift over to the Canadian side. That is the Blue Water Bridge in the pictures that connects Port Huron to Sarnia, Canada.

Below is a picture of my husband Gerry and me. My friend Carol has a place on the river and she gets to wake up to beautiful images of this water every morning.

The Fry pan Sisters

~Have fun and enjoy!

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