Saturday, March 8, 2014

Glitter- a lot of glitter!

 I first want to apologize for my absence. I have had major problems with my computer and was unable to get on the internet. I didn't have any of my newest cards on a thumb drive so I thought I was just plain stuck. The Photoshop I use is also on that computer and I was really going to need it after trying to take pictures with my phone and iPad. It then occurred to me that I had also downloaded them to Picasa and voila here they are. Well at least one of them. I started to do this because when I upload my images they post in the correct orientation much better than if I select them from one of my folders. I guess you could say Picasa and Blogger were a marriage meant to be. Some applications just work better with others.

Anyway until I get a new computer I will be using DH's laptop. That's OK because I don't think he ever uses it. He is either on his iPad or PC. This card was one I made at our stamping club and the technique is called "glitter painting". It is made with glitter (a bunch of glitter) and stencils. This stencil I used was a Dreamweaver- Hydrangea. You can find the technique  here on Splitcoaststampers. Lots of fun and very pretty, just be ready to wear glitter for the next few days. The images don't do this card justice. In real life it is just stunning the way it glistens.

Like the rest of you the winter is starting to get to me. Growing up in the UP it just took me a little longer, but I must say I am waiting for Florida. How could we possibly be 70 degrees apart. I bought my ticket a couple of weeks ago and am now counting the days. It's not until the first part of May but at least I know when I 'll be seeing some nice warm weather. Quite a few people from work  have bolted out of this nasty cold weather to somewhere nice only to come back to the same frigid weather they left and are now more depressed than before they left. That is why I like to go in May. At least I have somewhat of a chance to come back to decent temperatures, plus I can keep up my tan the natural way when I get home. Call me a gambler since it is Michigan after all.

My brother and his wife and the twins are coming over for Memorial Day weekend and I am so excited. I haven't seen them since last year but they send me pictures regularly. I must say I see a lot of my baby pictures in them. My daughter said the same thing so I know it's not just me being a bias auntie. It's a nine hour drive so we will see how that goes with two year olds. Neither of them are drinkers (the parents that is) but I have a feeling I better have a pitcher or bottle of something when they arrive.

Well I better run, I have about a dozen clocks to turn back tonight.

~have fun and enjoy!

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