Saturday, May 3, 2014

Serene Silhouettes

 The post is waaaaay over due! This last week I feel like I have been on auto pilot. Our hospital switched over to a new computer system hospital wide. That means it affected every area of the hospital. I put in 60 hours this week and this morning I am feeling it. The good side is that everything went well for the departments I am in charge of and I will have fun spending the extra money from my paycheck at my favorite stamping store in Florida.

For today's card I used one of the newer Spellbinders called Valiant Honor. The stamped image is from the Serene Silhouettes Stampin'Up set. I used my markers to color the stamp and used the "huffed" technique to moisten the image with my breath before I stamped it. For those of you who aren't aware of this technique it has nothing to do with drugs, although I could sure use some this morning.

We had a really nice Easter here. The kids were home and we colored Easter eggs with our grandson Chatham. The DH had over 40 plastic eggs filled with candy,  hidden outside for him when he arrived. I think he likes the challenge of the hunt but not into the Easter Egg thing. He is at that turning point of just wanting to eat the candy. Today we are going down to celebrate his 11th birthday. Looks like another long day which includes a 75 minutes drive each way if traffic is good. I hope I can find some energy to stop at Michael's while I am down there. The closest one to me is 35 minutes away.

The DH will be holding down the fort while I head to the sunny beaches of Florida next week. My girlfriend has a new place and I am anxious to see it. She said we have some decorating to do which involves shopping. Most of all I am looking forward to the Sun and some warmer temperatures. It has been rainy here all week. Not that I had much time to notice. I was either sleeping or working. I think I really deserve this vacation this year. Carol- get the blender ready.

Hope all my Michigan friends have fun at the annual stamping convention. Say hi to Tim H. for me and I will try to find room in my suitcase to bring back some sunshine.

~have fun and enjoy!

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