Saturday, November 15, 2014

Dad- Altoids Tin

Well this is all I could manage to post today. I am having a few problems with Picasa and my photo albums. I added several images but only a few are showing up. Very frustrating and I still have some thank you cards to make so I will have to do some more trouble shooting later on.

I painted the back and outside edges of this tin with a gold Krylon paint pen and covered the rest with designer paper adhering it with ATG tape. A few embellishments and there you have it. I had the best time making these little gems. I also made two Christmas ones that I hope to get uploaded for you.

I am going to try to get ready for the holidays a bit early this year so I don't feel so stressed. I plan on decorating the tree and making my Christmas cards Thanksgiving weekend. I actually bought a few gifts today for my staff so I can take that off my list.

I don't make Thanksgiving cards to don't hold your breath on seeing any posted here. This week I am going to teach our stamp club how to make a Tee-Pee card. It will be decorated for Christmas so it will look like a Christmas tree when we are done. It also makes a cute ornament.

Tomorrow we are supposed to get a bit of snow. It sounds like a good day to stay in and get cozy.

~have fun and enjoy!

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  1. I just came from the post of your fabulous stamping studio. This first post I clicked on, is wonderful too. I have some Altoids cans too. I see this is the last post on your blog, and am wondering why you quit after so many years of publishing such a great blog? Hopefully not a serious reason, but just got too busy or tired of it after years. But I have enough posts to go through to last me for a good while. Thanks for all the good stuff!