Friday, February 12, 2010

Love is in the air..

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you- Love is in the air (or at least on the tin). I know there are some people who absolutely hate this holiday because if they aren't in a relationship or at least a happy one, it's like a slap in the face. I say to them- just celebrate the love and kindness of friends because where would we be without friends!

Here are two projects I did for the big V day. I found both of them in the dollar bin at Target. Of course they were undecorated, because we all know that if they came as they look in the pictures they would have to be in the (at least) 10$ bin- Ha Ha Ha.

Yes I still can't get away from the MS punches. And I see she is coming out with even more. Just where does she expect me to store all of these. The shoe rack hanging inside the closet door of my stamp studio is busting at the seams as it is and there are several sitting on my desk with no where to go. Don't worry your pretty little head about that Martha, I will find room some where believe me. You just keep thinking of new designs to collect money from me and as long as I have a 40% off coupon I'll be right there in line.

I don't' know if I mentioned it but I received my valentine's day gift 2 weeks ago. I came home from work one night and there were pink roses in a vase on the kitchen island and a pink gift bag. I asked "what's this" and my DH said the roses were on sale and inside the bag was the new M.J. "This Is It" movie that had just come out on DVD. The roses were light pink with a tinge of green on the edge, and soon a bit of brown, but they looked so shabby chic that I would have loved to have been able to put them on a card. Right now they are just a sweet memory.

I have a few more Valentine cards that I made and need to post but I have to wait for the recipients to receive them so I don't spoil it for them. I am thinking I had better get started on some Easter cards since that holiday is early this year and I will be off to Florida again without anything to post. Having my morning coffee on the lanai is exactly what I need.

I am looking forward to returning to the Owl and the Pussy Cat in Fort Myers. The owner always has so many neat and unique ideas. I had better start saving my pennies.

I hope you all have a nice weekend and try not to eat too much chocolate. Did I just say that?


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