Thursday, February 3, 2011

For a little one...

I still haven't gotten away from pink but this belongs to a little one who is soon to arrive into this world. One of my co-workers is due next week and I made this card to match the color of "her" new room. They haven't named her yet; I guess they are waiting to surprise all of us.

Any way, I used my new Lacey Circles Spellbinders and Abstract Flower EK Success punch. The bunny is one of my first stamps from 10 years ago. I couldn't resist the little pom-pom for his tail. I thought about coloring him in and then thought better of it because I didn't want too much brown.

The hubby is out of town and I decided to treat myself to a much needed mental vacation while we are still full staffed at work. Having the house to myself is a vacation in itself and I enjoy it as much as if I had gone to Paris. OK I lied there a bit, but I really do love being home by myself. I was off yesterday to enjoy the storm from home and through the end of the week. After next week I won't be able to get any vacation time until May 12th. Not that I am counting those maternity weeks.

For starters ,yesterday I had my coffee in bed while I watched the news and read the morning paper all the while it stormed like the dickens outside. I kept waiting for the maid to walk in and ask me if there was anything else I needed, but she must have been busy with other things because she never showed up- oh how I love to daydream. After spending a bit of time in my stamping room, I watched "Sex And The City 2" (even though it didn't get great reviews, I liked it) one of the four chick flicks I rented in anticipation of the big blizzard and my time alone. It snowed even more while I was watching the movie and it was so comfy as I sat cuddled in a blanket and still in my PJ's. Of course I had a candle burning to make it even more of a perfect day. Enjoying the snow coming down meant only one thing. It had to be cleared from the dive way. The night before my DH left, he gave me snow blower 101 lessons. I am sure the neighbors were quite entertained if they were watching me try to clear over 12" of snow from a rather long driveway. Just the way I was dressed was a laugh in itself. I feared I was going to hear applause as I shut off the machine when I was done. Aside from a minor scrape on the garage door, only one damaged landscape light and a piece of broken siding as the snow blower got a little too close, I didn't do too bad of a job, but let's just say I probably won't be left alone again with any pending storms.

This afternoon I watched "It's Complicated" with one of my favorite actresses Meryl Streep, and still have to watch "Eat Pray Love" with Julia Roberts. I didn't even venture outside today since it is only in the teens but with the wind it feels like zero. The temp when I got up was only 2 degrees without the wind chill- certainly is "stay in the house weather" for me. Tomorrow on the play list is "The Kids Are All Right" with Annette Bening who won a Gloden Globe for the movie, and Julianne Moore. Not roles I would expect for either one of them. I haven't made any plans for the rest of the day, but that's the beauty of it and exactly what a mental vacation is meant to be.

I don't usually watch TV in the family room on the big screen TV. The room is very large and open and it takes a NASA scientist to figure out the three remotes to watch a DVD (my DH left me directions before he left). I like the comfort of the front sitting room which is decorated on more of a feminine side and the TV has only one remote. Today I watched the movies on the big TV and I saw the room from a whole different perspective. It is amazing how different we start to see things when we start thinking of our own mortality, what matters and what doesn't, and how fortunate we are. I looked up at the high 20 foot ceilings and the bridge that over looks the room and I saw a beauty to the room that I didn't appreciate before. It made me love my home even more than I already did. It really is the simple things in life that should make us happy.

~Have fun and enjoy!


  1. Your baby card is so adorable. I love the Spellbinders diecut you used and the rabbit is perfect with it's little pom pom tail.


    Creative Heart Designs

  2. Happy Superbowl Sunday,
    I just wanted to say hello and to also say that I just love this card. The colors that you picked for it are perfect.
    I am giving away a set of free clear stamps on my blog, please come on over and take a look.

    Have a great day!
    Jessica Lynn