Saturday, April 9, 2011

A jelly bean Easter card

How about a quick and easy project that could be used for any occassion. For this month's project at our stamp club we are going to make this sweet Easter card with a jelly bean sidekick.

My friend Kay had bought a smaller version of this from a craft show that was the size of a note card with a 3" tube filled with M & Ms. The card was decorated for Christmas and the M & Ms were red and green. Kay brought it over to me and asked if I could replicate it, aka- make a pattern. I did one even better by making it bigger. Her daughter Kelly found these larger 6" tubes at her local stamp store for $1 each. I tinkered around with a pattern until I came up with this. The tube was perfect for filling with jelly beans. Actually you could fill this with just about anything. A few chocolate eggs or Hershey kisses would also look festive. A bit of green grass in the bottom would also be cute.

You could alter this to fill the tube with bath salts for a Get Well card or if you measured it out and included the instructions for the amount to use, you could fill it with hot cocoa powder. Use your imagination and see what you can come up with. If you would like the pattern just send me a comment.

The weather is finally getting warmer. We are expecting mid to high 60's with thunderstorms tomorrow. I just hope the storms come earlier in the evening. Last week we had a doozey in the middle of the night. It was the loudest crash of thunder I have ever heard and immediately followed by the sound of breaking glass. I thought for sure one of the windows had shattered. I got up and went downstairs to investigate but I couldn't find anything broken in the kitchen or great room. I went to my stamping room and there on the floor was one of the old fashioned candy jars that I keep my ribbon in, laying on the floor. It wasn't broke so it must have been the metal lid making all the clatter as the jar was hitting the floor. I guess the way the house shook was enough to knock the jar off the shelf that is at least 5 feet off the floor. Luckily I have carpeting or it would have been quite a mess trying to save all my pretty ribbon from the shards of glass.

Our local stamp store just got in the latest Spellbinders so I have been making quite a few trips in to make my purchases. You are only allowed to use one coupon per day so it will take me awhile to get all the ones on my wish list. Yesterday I took my DH in with me on our way out to dinner so he could get one for me with his own coupon. My son calls him "my coupon mule". I would love to hear his answer if they ever asked him what he is going to make with the things he purchases for me. I doubt very much that we are pulling anything over on the store clerks. They know exactly what we are doing. Once in Michaels, DH was in line behind me and the gentleman at the register asked if he could just put his purchases in the same bag as mine. Quite the astute fellow he was.

~Have fun and enjoy!

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