Saturday, November 24, 2012

To heal your heart

 As I look out the window I am seeing the first snow flurries of the season. A far cry from what is falling in the UP. Yesterday they woke up to 4 inches of snow on the ground and were expecting another 6-8. Let's just say I very happy to be a lot further south than that.

I made this card awhile ago for a dear friend whose brother had just passed away. She was very close to him which makes it all the more painful. I think the memories from our childhood helps us to stay young and she certainly had enough great memories to stay a kid forever. I hope her heart is starting to heal. There is nothing like friedship to help make bad things feel better. When I think back to my childhood I am very fortunate to have such wonderful memories. My parents provided a very safe and loving home. We didn't get everything we wanted but we got more than some. In hind site I am thankful for my parents setting limits with us, and I am sure the people that are in my life are just as thankful. No one likes a spoiled brat.

Today's card is once again using the designer paper as the focal point of the card. It is from Pinkpaislee called London Market. I went over the main designs with a Stardust Gel pen which you can see better in the image below. I stamped one of the labels from Our Daily Bread's Bird & Butterfly Labels that coordinated with Spellbinders Label 18. Even though the ODB stamps are rather pricey this is one that I was very much willing to spend the money on and I find I get a big bang for my buck with it. The three newspaper print embellishments in the upper right were purchased at a stamping convention and since I emptied them into jars, I no longer have the packaging. They look like the left over pieces from punching holes in card stock. I am sure you would need an industrial punch for this and a strong arm. I have others that are metallic with dots and stripes.

Ok, I am back from a two hour siesta. I have the house to myself this weekend and I take every chance to do exactly what I want, when I want. My hair hasn't even seen a hairbrush today (or shampoo as far as that goes) and I'm lovin' it. No, not the image of myself in a mirror, just the fact that I can. I think I will spend the evening up in the studio making some thank you cards for recent birthday gifts and then onto some Christmas cards. I usually make all 45 cards the same and it's a major production line but that is because I usually don't start them in time and that it the quickest way I can get them all made. My friend says she would get too bored doing them all the same. This year I am trying it her way and because I am starting early enough I might just be able to pull it off. Wish me luck!
~Have fun and enjoy!

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