Sunday, June 2, 2013

My Fairy Garden

 Welcome to my fairy garden. I made a smaller one a few weeks ago and there was just something missing. I realized it was too commercialized and I hadn't used plants as my backdrop. This weekend I was at a greenhouse that had several fairy gardens and quite a few supplies. I used a 26" pond formation, that I got at Lowe's, which allowed my imagination to go wild. The main structure in the back is a form that is meant to be put on the wall. I liked the openness and decided to use it as my fairy's house. I had spent quite a bit of time looking for a house. There are some out on the market but they run around $20 - $30. An arbor I saw at the greenhouse was half off at $37. My fairy is on a budget so she will have to live within her means. The DH said he is going to make one for me out of twigs and wire that I will put over the stone steps along the front left side. I found quite a bit of my fairy items at Hobby Lobby. They aren't categorized as such but I just kept and open eye and a big imagination. The black thing you see in the front right is a solar light that I thought would look nice shinning on the fairy at night. I removed it before I took the rest of the pictures.
I used a Japanese Fern behind the tea house. The tall plant to the left of the house is a house plant called Lemon Cypress. I also used several different ground covers that come in little pots that are just perfect for a fairy garden and I also planted some herbs for different textures and heights. Click towards the bottom of  the images for a closer look.
This is a lantern that I set up as a tea house. I made the table out of an orange juice lid and a wooden spool. I found the tea set at Hobby Lobby in the doll house furniture section and I glued them down with glue for glass beads. I am keeping my eye out for a chair that I can also put in there so she has a place to sit and enjoy her tea.
Below is a birdhouse that I painted and then put a gigantic seed pod on top. I found these pods on clearance in the floral section. I glued some glass tiles around the house to give it some whimsy. The blue dish is a pedestal planter that I sunk into the dirt and filled with glass marbles and water as a pond. You can just see the copper faucet sitting up over the edge of the dish. I put some slate pieces as steps. I built up the left side of the planter so I could get some elevation.  The little red dish on the left side is a birdbath and there is a designer Shepard's hook on the right side of the house. The cream object is a chess piece.

This another image of the tea house.

In this image of the tea house you can see another chess piece and a gazing ball in a wire holder. It is a glow in the dark so she can find her way. I used small pebbles as a stone path and tucked a saucer in amongst the plantings on the right as another water feature.

Here is a close up of the fairy in her house. She is sitting on a twig chair. I made the flower pots by using hot glue to fill the pot and just stuck flower pieces  in it. I glued the pot to hexagon glass tiles for stability and then glued them to the floor of the her house.

Below you can see a fairy riding a snail that is on a long pick. It gave some balance to the height of the house.  You can also see another one of the seed pods in this picture.

I hope you enjoyed a tour of my fairy garden. I really enjoyed making this one. If I attempt another one I want it to have a river and bridge with trickling water by using a pump. This fairy is going to have to work if she wants to become a landlord.

~Have fun and enjoy!

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  1. I love your fairy garden.. it has given my inspiration to make one of my own. It is all very sweet!