Saturday, August 15, 2009

A surprise underneath

How about an anniversary card today. Doesn't the background look like copper? Well it's not. It is a surprise underneath. It actually started out as piece of Kelly green foiled card stock. It was a very stormy night when I was over at my friend Carol's. We headed to the basement to her stamping room to wait out the storm and do a little stamping at the same time. Of course you can imagine I was torn between two of my favorite pastimes- stamping and thunderstorms. But we decided to play with the foil paper and alcohol inks. We had several colors to use as our base. This package contained silver, gold, red and green card stock. I just started applying the inks with a felt pad and blending solution. I can't remember exactly what the color combination was that I used but it looks like raisin and gold and a lighter red color. I apologize for not having the exact recipe but by the time we were done doing several sheets I couldn't even remember what I used. You know us, we just get stamping and talking and not really thinking too hard about what we are doing. Sometimes the best creations arise when you don't over think it.

Once the inks were dry (which doesn't take long because they are alcohol based) I ran them through the cuttlebug using different folders for a multitude of different looks. This one was done with the Textile lace folder. I used SU River Rock card stock for the base and then I found some very light brushed gold metallic paper that I used with my labels 4 nestabilities and the border was done with my new EKsuccess border punch. The sentiment was embossed with copper metallic embossing powder. The ribbon is some of my favorite ribbon that I hate to use because it was purchased in Florida this spring on my trip to Cape Coral and I only purchased 2 yards of it. Isn't' that absolutely awful that I have a hard time using up something that I love. That's why I bought it in the first place- because I loved it. Anyway it is silk ribbon that came from France and it is very thin and flimsy( in a good way).

I really need to work on getting the right lighting for taking pictures of my cards. I have several projects lined up for myself this fall and winter to keep me busy and get me through the empty nest feelings. I want to get my stamp studio organized so this will be a great project for that. I have 6 small silver metal pails with turquoise ribbon tied around the top lip for color, that sit up on a white shelf. They are so pretty sitting up there against my pale yellow wall. I want to take all of my alphabet chipboard letters and divide them up into the pails. I figured I would put all the A's - E's in the first pail and F's- I's in the second and so on until I have the letters divided up into the six pails. I thought I would use a set of alphabet sticker to put on the outside so I know which letters are in the pails. This way when I need a certain letter I can go to that pail and see which one fits my project the best. I will try to remember to post a picture when this is done- don't hold your breathe, it may be this winter before it is done. This isn't an original idea. I saw it on Nichole Heady's blog- "capture the moment". She is the owner of Papertrey Ink and posted pictures of her new studio about 2 years ago. Thanks Nichole for that fantastic organization hint.

Well I didn't intend for this card to create such a long post but I sometimes get on a roll. This card had be thinking of marriage and I can't imagine not being married. My husband and I will be celebrating our 25th anniversary this November. Oh sure we all have some rough patches but I can't imagine not having someone to share a life with. I am a very independent person and don't need someone to survive but I love having someone to go through each day with. Call me old fashioned, but I just don't understand those relationships that the two have been together for years but never commit and get married. Anyway I guess I am just thinking out loud and these are just my thoughts!

Have fun and enjoy!


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  1. This card is lovely. All of the ones I've seen are but I love the metallic effect.

    I've been perusing your blog and enjoying it very much. I like your style. Not too simple and not way over the top. I have you bookmarked! tigerlily55 on SCS