Saturday, April 21, 2012

A altered bird house

This is one of my all time favorite type of crafting. I love to alter things. I found this bird house in the naked wood section and immediately saw potential. I have a few drawers that contain odds and ends and bits and pieces for projects just like this. I will point a few items that you might not recognize but the rest you can probably figure out starting with the front.

The glass knob at the top of the peak on the front is the cover to a small Yankee candle. The black button on it is the outer cap from a champagne bottle. The trim on the lower peak is from an old remote control that I took the keypad out and cut into strips. I have said in the past, "I don't throw anything out". Below you can see the other sides.

A lot of the items are from my Tim Holtz stash. The chipboard butterfly on this side is from Tattered Angels.

 On the back I could only envision something running from the top to the bottom so this is what I came up with. A few buttons and stickers. I had no intention of have a black, red and white color scheme but with the base of the house being black I didn't have many options. I wanted the red for a pop of color.

The white handle on this side of the house is an old handle from my stamping desk. I still have six more for future projects. It is a little hard to see but on all the perches under the entrance holes I have put a pearl or rhinestone. You can see them best on the second image. I covered up the lower hole on this side of the house with a red button and then put a bubble floral sticker on top of it. The roof is just designer paper.

Altered art is really my therapy so you may be seeing quite a bit more of it. It is also garage sale time where you can pick up some really cool pieces at a bargain price. We all love a bargain whether we use it as is or re-purpose it. Keep your eyes open and really look at something for what it could be. You might be pleasantly surprised at what you would have otherwise dismissed as junk.

~Have fun and enjoy!

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