Sunday, February 17, 2013

Altered Keys

I have a thing for keys. I love to use them in my altered art whether they are old or new. My favorites are the skeleton keys but I have not been lucky enough to find many of them. I had seen some altered keys on Pinterest last year and I decided to make some of my own. My favorites are the three that have faces and wings on them. The one on the top right I used a mustache to look like wings. I used gems, rhinestones and very small bottle caps to glitz them up. If you click on the image you can get a closer look.
I thought I was excited about my trip to Hawaii but after 5 inches of new snow, I am beyond ecstatic. It still doesn't seem real because it was such a spur of the moment trip. I always imagined a trip like this taking a lot of planning. Several people have told me that the best trips are the ones that aren't planned- I hope they are right. I didn't think I would go to Florida this year because of the cost of the Hawaii trip but my friend was disappointed I wasn't coming and my DH said the Florida trip doesn't cost that much so I should do both. It didn't take me long to start planning the Florida trip and I even found a flight that is cheaper than last year.  I have to admit I was really torn about the Hawaii trip after thinking I was going to miss spending time with my pal in Florida. As I said before, being in Florida is such a relaxing trip and I come back ready for anything. It is going to be a very wild spring.

~Have fun and enjoy!

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  1. Your keys are amazing!!! and how wonderful that you are able to go on both trips! Makes each one of them even more special. Enjoy!!
    Lu C