Sunday, April 28, 2013

Heirloom soldered pictures

This is an altered art project I did a few years ago and I realized I never shared this you. I was looking at it  because it was my father's birthday this past week and I was feeling a bit sad because he lives 10 hours away I couldn't be with him to celebrate.

This was a class that I took that involved soldering. These are glass pieces cut in the shape of a house that are about 3x5 and are beveled which you can't really see in the pictures. I had to photograph them so the light didn't reflect off the glass which in turn didn't show the beveled edge. I decided I wanted a vintage keepsake of both of my parents so that is the theme I went with. The one on the left is of my dad when he was about 10 years old and my grandmother on vacation in Europe. I made copies of the photos onto regular copy paper and then sponged some sepia ink on them to make them look old, then I started to collage with stamping and collage pieces which are sandwiched between the two pieces of glass and then soldered together. The other image is the back side and is of my father when he entered the Air Force.

This one is of my mother when she was a teenager. I didn't think I would ever be lucky enough to find sentiments to fit the images, but I did. I remember I found this sheet of sayings at a stamp store that was going out of business and I bought it not really knowing what I was going to use it for. Figuring out where I stored it when I was going to make this project was a whole other story and a few days of hunting. The image on the right is a picture I have used before on another project. It is a picture of my mother and my father's mother and me when we came to New York from Spain where I was born. Below is a larger image so you could see the detail in what I used to collage. Along the left side of the image below I used a bronze metallic beaded sticker and a piece of ribbon along side it. The "Espana" is an old stamp and the numbers were stamped along the right side.

The image below was to show you how thin the piece is (about 1/4"), not to show you how terrible I am at soldering. It was a fun project and it showed me a whole different technique and media for altered art. If I got good enough at the soldering I could attempt some jewelry pieces- maybe!

These two pieces sit on a shelf over the love seat in the front sitting room of my house. This is the room that I like to watch TV in because it is more cozy and the ceilings aren't as wide open as the room that has the big screen TV the DH watches. It still has 18 foot ceilings but it is angled and not open to any other room. I love to curl up on the couch to read a good book and with several of the altered pieces I have tucked here and there in this room it feels like me and is comfortable. I guess that is the key in life-Be in a place where you are happy and brings you comfort.

~Have fun and enjoy

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