Saturday, January 24, 2009

Give your imagination wings

I love wings and crowns. Can't seem to get enough of them whether they are rub-ons, stamps or embellishments. That's where the addiction emanates from. For this little project I just used wings. The sentiment says- Give your imagination wings. This little book was created from small paper bags. Remember those darling little bags they would put penny candy in. For those of you that are much younger, believe it or not we could actually get candy for a penny. Some items were 2 for penny. Anyway- Just keep the bags laying flat with the bottom folded up like they come when you purchase them. I decorated each page and then bound them together with 2 rulers cut to size . Drill holes through the rulers and bags and then secure with a small screw (which I cut down with my dremel) and nut. I dabbed some brown iron oxide paint on the ruler and over the screw head to make it look older. The top bag I gave a lite coat with gold paint, used some wings I embossed and cut out for the cover. I used a watch face and put the letter "i" in the bottom right corner for "imagination". I wasn't able to hold the book open and take pictures at the same time, so I will have to get some assistance and show you the inside pages later. You can just see one of the inside embellishments peeking out at the top. That is another little bag that I decorated and used to hold a homemade tag.

I hope you are enjoying a peek into my world of art. I will from time to time post other things that I love, just to share and spice it up a bit. You may see the format change a bit as I progress along this journey and learn just what it is I want on a blog.

Have fun and enjoy


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  1. I really like your projects. You should open a store so everyone can benefit from your wonderful skills. Maybe you have a sister to help you run it. Anyway, you do beautiful work and your passion shows in your projects.