Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ice cream

Why do I have this post entitled ice cream? I just love this color combination of pink and brown but every time I use it I think of Neapolitan ice cream and I'm not that crazy about ice cream. I can take it or leave it. My husband and son are a different story. They would knock me over to get to a bowl. Nothing stands between them and a heaping bowl of the stuff.

I find it amazing the width of ribbon that we are using these days on our creations. Two years ago I wouldn't have used anything wider than 1/2 inch. I love to watch the trends as they come and go. Some of my earlier creations I look at them and wonder "what was I thinking". Oh well it is all a learning experience. I do that with stamps also. My tastes have certainly changed since I started stamping over 5 years ago. I have got to go through my stamps and weed out the ones that haven't seen the light of day. As I mentioned before I am known to my family as a pack-rat, so you can only imagine how hard that will be for me. The new SU catalog came out on the 18th and there are several new sets that I would like and my stamp room is only so big. I believe the day is coming very soon when I will have to get rid of some of those precious gems. I think I am going to set that as my March project. When you feel the earth moving somewhere around Michigan, you will know that is the day I tackled this project.
I am looking into purchasing a soft sided light box so that I can take better and more consistent pictures of my artwork. I'm just not sure about the type of lights to buy. If anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate any pointers on that. During the winter months in Michigan we only have a few hours of daylight after work so my time gets limited.

Have a great day and enjoy!


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