Thursday, March 5, 2009


I wanted to show you how I store my ribbons. I wrap them around straight clothespins that I get at hobby lobby. There are 30 of them in a package for $2.99 but I wait until the wood items are 50% off. To keep the ribbon from coming undone I use the tiny straight pins used for attaching sequins and beads to the satin balls used to make Christmas ornaments. I keep them color coordinated by color. As you can see there is one jar that has some pink in with the yellow only because I can't fit another pink one in it's own jar if I tried. There are five more jars behind these that have my white/cream, browns, blacks and reds.

Not only does this store them so I can see what I have, it also looks pretty. I love walking into my studio and seeing all of the colors. It reminds me of going into a little country store that carries everything from food to material to hardware. Can you tell I was a big "Little House on the Prairie" fan. I always wanted to be Laure Ingles and put that Nellie Olsen in her place. OK so I digressed a bit.

This little project was created using direct to paper technique for the background. The bottom black tag was done using a flourish stamp with VersaMark. Then I layered gold paper, black paper and then the direct to paper. I used a piece of black chipboard and just lightly brushed Brilliance Pearlescent Ivy, Crimson and Gold pads over the top. The "Sisters" are a piece of clip art I had stashed away. The ribbon is my favorite part. The sheen on it can't be enjoyed as much as in person. It changes from a bronzey gold to dark gold. I have a very small shelf in my kitchen area that is black and I have a few of my creations on it. They are all black coordinated so it makes a very nice grouping.

Well that's it for tonight. I need to do some tidying up a bit.

Have fun and enjoy!


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