Saturday, April 4, 2009

Home again...

When I left for Florida I posted a picture of a beautiful sunset, so I thought it was only fitting to post a beautiful sunrise that I took while I was there. Every morning I had my coffee by the pool overlooking the canal as the sun came up everyday to greet us to a beautiful day. My friend Carol is very fortunate to have this everyday. The weather was in the 80's and it only rained once. I certainly didn't mind because I love thunderstorms. I sat out in the open lanai with my morning coffee and listened to the thunder and watched the dolphin that came in for the morning fish. It was a very relaxing trip and I can't thank Carol and Jean-Paul enough for their wonderful hospitality and four star accommodations. Also a big thank you to Fran and Dan for a spectacular dinner and great conversation. They are great couple but they don't know what they are missing in the Rum Raisin ice cream- more for Jean and me.

I didn't get home until after midnight Wednesday and had to go into work yesterday so I don't have any cards to post just yet. I did make a few things while I was in Florida but haven't photographed them. I plan on making a few things this weekend and should have them up by Sunday. I thought I was going to do more stamping than I did. Even though Carol told me not to bring anything, I had a carry-on that almost broke my back with my stamping supplies. I am glad my stamping things enjoyed a trip to Florida also. I just couldn't see myself stamping when I could be relaxing and floating around the pool while soaking up that beautiful Florida sun. I even have a beautiful brown tan for my efforts. I figured I can stamp at home in Michigan but I certainly can't be laying out in the sun in 40 degree weather.

Here are a few more pictures of the wonderful sites of Florida.

This is a hibiscus outside of Carol's front door.

Island on the Gulf of Mexico. It was very windy and they were setting up for an outdoor wedding that afternoon on the beach, or should I say trying to set up. Best wishes to the bride and groom whoever you are.

I don't remember the name of these flowers but they are very common. This bush is growing over the garage door at Betty and Joe's who we visited in Naples. Their home is absolutely beautiful. Betty you certainly have good taste in decorating.

This is the same view of the sunrise picture, but as the sun was setting that very same day, I was able to capture a reflection of the sun in the water. What a hard way to live.

Jean-Paul's son took us out on his boat for a tour on the canals. Here is a picture of the dolphins we saw, along with how the other half of the world lives.

Hope you enjoyed a little peak into my fabulous vacation. Carol- it wouldn't have happened without you. Love you and thanks again girlfriend!



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