Friday, April 24, 2009

The spinner

Just a quick post tonight. I forgot that I had mentioned this new storage tool in a previous post and I had forgotten to show you what it looks like. Sorry about that! What I love the best about this is that I don't have to take the pads off to change colors. Once they are on they don't come off the easiest when you are trying to just grab a very small piece of the corner so your fingers don't get stained. I have actually torn the corners as I am trying to pull them off. This storage allows me to keep using the same pad over and over again without having the inked pad all over my supplies and my desk itself.

I found this on QVC at a very good price. You have to be careful though because each item has it's own shipping cost so depending on what you are ordering it might not end up being such a great buy. I purchased each of the handles from JoAnn Fabric with a 40% coupon so it took me a bit of time to fill up all 8 spots. You will notice the one odd burgundy one which is one that I already had. I think that one is by Tim Holtz .

I must admit this spinner reminds me of when we were kids and we would pretend playing school. Who ever was the librarian would have been in heaven with this. You could really kick butt- checking out the books with this many handles. I really am fortunate that I can go back into my childhood memories and find such happy places. I'm sure there are so many out there that aren't that lucky. My parents were/are (my mom passed away 5 years ago but dad is still with us) very loving and respected people. They taught us right from wrong, good manners, values and how to work hard for what we wanted in life. I think my father's work ethics are what has resulted in me working at the same place for 21 years rather than a different job every 2-3 years. I learned that it isn't always "somebody else's fault" and there are times you just have to hang in there and suck it up rather than just quit. There is nothing sorrier than a quitter in my book. We were taught to work hard for what little pay it might be, rather than just accepting a handout. Most of all they set a good example for us and they were people we could be proud of rather then embarrassed by. There isn't anything of more value that my parents could leave me than a good up-bringing and being able to realize it. My children have already thanked me for the way I have raised them. They have told me verbally in conversations we have had, but more importantly they have showed me by the wonderful and productive adults they have turned out to be. That is a true compliment.

Have fun and enjoy!


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