Monday, February 2, 2009

Dream world....

I call this piece of altered art "Dream World". This little guy is in his own little world where all his dreams come true. I don't remember where I got the bottle from, but I have had it a very long time. Remember I don't throw anything away. I used a piece of clip art of a winged boy and he is layered on top of a large feather. You can just see the bottom edge of a letter "K" right above his head. There is a clear bird hanging in front of him covering his right wing; suspended from a tiny chain. There are clear and white small beads around the bottom and a rustic star is stuck in the middle. For the top I used a glass stone/marble (or more like a melted blob of glass). I have a page from an old book glued to the bottom of the marble and trimmed so you can see the words. Some cotton lace, an epoxy star, ribbon and some beads finish his glass world off in style. The over all height is about 5 inches and he sits on one of the end tables in my living room. The angle of the camera distorts it somewhat. The most difficult part of this project was getting the star to stay upright. I used a long pair of tweezers and a lot of patience to get it just where I wanted it.

I just love creating little projects like this. I believe you can make something out of just about anything. I interview employees looking for work in the health care field and I have always said that as part of their interview I would love to just put a box of junk in front of them and ask them to make me something out of it. It's not that I would judge them on what they could come up with, rather I would just like to see if they would try. Of course this isn't the standard practice of interviewing especially for a medical profession position and human resources would never allow me to incorporate this as part of the process, but it says something to me that a person would at least try. Maybe that's my dream job; a job that would require the interview process to include being creative. I guess I'll have to build my own glass jar where all my dreams can come true.

Enjoy and have a great day!


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