Saturday, February 21, 2009

Punch Storage

Tonight I want to share with you how I store some of my punches. This is the end of a storage cabinet that I have in my studio. The cabinet itself is about 5 ft tall and has two full length louvered doors on it. Inside there are four shelves and of course it is packed full. My studio is a spare bedroom that is on the first floor. It has it's own bathroom with a small walk-in closet. I have tried not to mount anything to the walls so I don't have a lot of damage and repair if we were to need it as a bedroom again. My son Elliot's bedroom is the loft over the three car garage and not that I am counting the days till he leaves the nest, but when he does, that room is mine. I will miss the large windows I have now that look out over the backyard and flower gardens. The birds come to the feeder I have right outside the windows and I really enjoy watching them. They seem to keep me company.

I purchased five curtain rods from Walmart. If I remember correctly they were $1.84 each. The end of the cabinet is only 14 inches wide but the shortest rod size was 18 inches. I took them apart and we cut the ends that you put together in the workshop. We mounted the brackets and voila, I had 5 racks to put my punches on. This didn't hold all of my punches so I chose the ones I use most often. The others are in the closet on the door in a shoe rack. My desk is just behind where I stood to take this picture so the punches are easily accessible. Below the last row of punches I have a rolling artbin storage rack with my scor-pal on top so I didn't want to put up more than 5 racks. On top of the cabinet I have glass candy jars that contain my ribbon. I have rolled the ribbon onto clothespins and store them according to color. I have 8 of the jars and the ribbons look so pretty all grouped together. I will share that on another post.

We received another 5 inches of snow today here in Michigan. It was a nice day to light a candle and watch the snow fall as I made a few cards. I will share those with you this week. I have been getting the itch to start another altered book. I am going to take a couple of days off at work this week so it might be a good time to start. Hope you are all having a good weekend.

Have fun and enjoy!


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